Company Description

We are a fully licensed Taxi & Private Hire Company (Part of Atlas Group London) based in Egham, Surrey, operating under Runnymede Borough Council. The Council enforces that all our drivers complete a knowledge test of the area and have passed regular medical exams and Police checks. They also monitor regular tests on vehicles and valid taxi insurances (different from a normal car insurance). Obviously, this ensures that you, and your colleagues and clients, are provided with as safe a journey as possible.


We operate a fully computerised booking and dispatching system called Cordic that uses a state-of-the-art Global Positioning System for utmost efficiency in dispatching cars while enabling us to pinpoint a driver’s exact position. This has the added benefit of only sending job instructions directly to the driver doing that particular collection, meaning that all your client’s details are sent in confidence and not broadcast on a public airwave, and also enhancing the comfort of the passenger by not having to listen to a crackly radio for the entire journey.