Firstly, thank you for choosing the Gemini Cars App

It is a rapidly evolving, bespoke booking platform which allows the user direct access to our system

* Please note, by downloading our App, you agree to the Terms and Conditions as detailed below

After you have registered, the App will centre on your current location (if not press the Start Booking icon), and if any are present, shows you free cars that are around you (please note that as we operate a rotational dispatch system, you may not necessarily be sent the vehicle that you can see closest to you). It also provides an estimate of how quickly we could get a car to you if one is available.

If you move the map to a different location, or change the zoom level by ‘pinching’ the screen, you can re-focus to your current location by pressing the circular refresh icon in the top right-hand corner.

Clicking in the left arrow at the top left of the screen will give you access to:

  • Your Favourites (user entered favourite places).
  • Bookings, through which you can Manage your active bookings or view your booking History.
  • Settings, in which you can change your settings and add a Buddy. This safety feature will mean your Buddy will also receive notifications (as well as yourself) of when your vehicle arrives, and when you have been dropped off (if turned on).


Making A Booking

On the map screen, your current position will be displayed in the blue box. If you want to be collected from your current location, you can either click on Take Me Home (which will automatically fill in your home address in the destination field) or Pick Me Up Here.

if you are not being picked up from your current location (for example you are placing an advance booking) then you can either navigate the map to an address, press the Search icon (bottom left of the screen) or use one of your stored Favourite addresses by clicking the icon on the bottom right of the screen.

You can then add Extra Details in the optional box and when you are happy we have all the information we need to collect you, press Done at the top right of the screen.

You will then be taken to the Dropoff screen where you can press the arrow pointing down onto a circle (which will take you back to the map which you can the navigate around), press the star which will show your Favourites (or click on the Favourites bar), the refresh button (which will show Nearby places you have recently been to) or you can manually type in an address. When you are happy with your Destination, press Done

You can then review your booking with the options to select a pickup time and date (if not for ASAP), add any via addresses, select a type of vehicle, and add any advanced settings such as Driver Notes (this is where you would provide additional information for an airport collection), and textback and Buddy options.

Finally click on book to reserve your vehicle.

The next page confirms your booking with a Reference Number, allows you to book a return trip, and track your vehicle once it has been dispatched (assuming it is for ASAP).

You booking will now appear in the Bookings screen, from where you can:

  • View your booking
  • Edit your booking
  • Cancel your booking
  • Track your vehicle (once it has been dispatched)
  • Book a return trip
  • Add an address as a favourite


Making An Airport Collection Booking

When booking a collection from an airport, for Heathrow you can type “Terminal” in the search field and then select the appropriate number, and for Gatwick, Luton, Stansted and City Airports, just start typing the appropriate name and then select the correct option when they appear.

Please always book your car for the time the flight is scheduled to actually land.

Then in the Driver Note section, please make sure we have the following information:

    • The Terminal you are arriving into (if known).
    • Your flight number.
    • Whether you would like to be met outside the terminal at our pick up point within the Car Park**, or inside the terminal with your name on a board(please note that there is an additional charge for this service). You can use the abbreviations PUP or INS to indicate your preference. For more information on these options, please visit our Booking page here.


  • If you would like to be met outside**, please indicate how long after the flight has landed you would like to reserve your car from (please note that waiting time may be incurred if you take longer to arrive at our pick up point than stated). If you do not put a time we will automatically apply the following to your booking:

    – Domestic flight – 20 minutes
    – European flight – 30-40 minutes
    – Non-European flight – 45-60 minutes



  • Where the flight originates from.


**Please note that by booking an outside meet at an airport through our App you acknowledge that you must call our office as you are exiting the terminal building, after you have passed passport control and collected any luggage, before we will dispatch your car which will be waiting nearby. In addition, by booking an outside meet at Heathrow Airport through our App you also acknowledge that as we are not permitted to perform any Heathrow collections from anywhere except within the Car Park, this cost will be added to your fare.

If you are experiencing any difficulties or would like any help in using our App, please contact our technical team at

01784 47-11-11